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We do all kinds of projects of medium or large size with attention to detail and design.

  • Previous Studies
  • Base Projects
  • Licensing Projects
  • Execution Projects

We provide services in the different areas of Engineering, namely in the specialties of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrotechnical Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

  • Supervision of constructions
  • Peritagens
  • Expertise
  • Security Coordination

We provide consulting in the area of architecture, we have professionals highly qualified to act on a national or international level.

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Supervision of constructions
  • Project Review

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Prior notice

Prior notice may be applied in the following areas:

  • Land covered by the Allotment Permit or entered in a subdivision or Detail Plan
  • Reconstruction works that do not result in a change of facade or number of floors
  • City areas consolidated and covered by a municipal plan
  • Where the applicant has a request for prior information approved
  • Building of Pools associated with the main building
Licensing Application

An application for licensing is required in the following cases:

  • Land not covered by a land subdivision operation
  • Land without a specific municipal plan for a given area
  • Land without any Detail Plan
  • Real estate classified or being sorted
  • Buildings or land integrated in areas covered by Classification or Classification

In both instructions it is essential that the request be well informed and well-founded so as to enable the objectives to be achieved in an organized manner without unnecessary setbacks.

    Each town hall has its method of instruction, from delivery in physical format, to deliveries in digital format.

    The second method is more used today, taking advantage of the technological functions of the ID card to make digital signatures, taking advantage of the digital features of computer file types, in order to simplify and shorten the term of the process.

Engineering Projects

In addition to the Architectural Project that complies with the regulations stipulated by the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of each municipality, the General Regulation of Urban Buildings (RGEU) and the Municipal Regulation of Urbanization and Building (RMUE) and other special plans applicable to the pretension, Engineering Projects cover, as a rule:

  • Stability Project which includes the Excavation and Peripheral Containment Project
  • Project of Power and Distribution of Electric Energy / Electrical Circuit
  • Gas Installation Project
  • Project of Water and Sewerage Networks
  • Rainwater Drainage Project
  • External Works Project
  • Electrical and Telecommunications Installations Project
  • Thermal Behavior Study
  • Electromechanical Installations Project
  • Fire Safety Project
  • Acoustic Project
  • Smoke Ventilation and Exhaust Project
  • Mechanical Installation of Air Conditioning

Usefull Information

The architecture differs not only by the period of time it was built. The way the houses are built differs from country to country, from town to town, and even from village to village. We all have our own history, vision and habits. A building that is comfortable to live for a group of people is unacceptable for a different one.